ESQUIRE INTERVIEW – by Marilella Antonopoulou

What women want

VASILIKI VLACHOU lives and works in London as a script writer and an actress under the name of BILLIE VEE.

She wrote and starred in “Two Persons Max”, a short film which has screened in festivals, the most recent being the Manhattan Film Festival, and is gaining a positive reaction from audiences.

While relaxing, she gets a moment free to give her opinion about our crucial topic.

– Women want to be loved, not necessarily to be understood.

– The strongest aphrodisiac is the brain. Use it.

– What is it that male logic strongly refuses to understand regarding women? That the same male logic doesn’t exist in women.

– The overall target in our lives is not to finally marry one of you and keep you under our spell. No. We do have more things going on in our lives than just you.

– When I’m upset… honey, please, don’t talk to me! Don’t you see, I’m upset?! Let me calm down for a second.”

– If you have a sense of humour and are willing to make fun of yourself, that’s a bonus.

– Treat us as equals. That’s respect.

– A woman feels happy in her personal life, when she feels the admiration and the support of the man she shares her comforts with.

– Best way for a man to approach me: To look at me deeply in the eye and then come up with something funny when I’m least expecting it.

– Worst line a man could say: “I see you’re upset. Are you expecting your period?” However, there’s no such thing as a best chat up line. It doesn’t matter what you say, but how you say it. So, even if you simply tell her she’s very beautiful, that should be enough. As long as you mean it.

– We assess you, based on how you make us feel when you talk to us. Before you talk, your eyes say everything. Before you look at us, it’s always good to smell nice.

– I could never be in a relationship with someone who is insecure, narrow minded, repressive and jealous of me.

– Would you ever go out with someone who doesn’t approve your profession? You are kidding me? Of course not.

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